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Extra Mile Lawn Care was birthed out of a passion for landscaping and customer service. The owner, Justin Swoveland, born and raised in the Hampton Roads area, started his career in landscaping at a local golf course where he enjoyed creating and maintaining beautiful lawns.

Justin initially pursued a career in marketing, but his passion for the outdoors and creating beautiful landscapes led him to create Extra Mile Lawn Care in 2012.

With a team of exceptional personnel and top of the line equipment Extra Mile has become a trusted partner with homeowners and commercial property managers for  their landscape maintenance.

Our mission is to let you “Take Your Saturdays Back” while we provide each customer with the finest quality landscape design and lawn care service at a reasonable price.

After all, we go the extra mile with a smile for our customers!


Frequently Asked Questions

We use highly efficient commercial mulching mowers. There is no need for us to bag the clippings the majority of the time. Our mowers are properly configured for your lawn and do not leave clumps behind. Mulching instead of bagging recycles the nutrients back into your lawn which means you have a healthier lawn without using as many chemicals. Mulching also eliminates the waste created from lawn clippings and lawn bags from going into local landfills. However, to keep your lawn looking its best during heavy growth periods or if your lawn is covered with excessive leaves during the fall months, bagging may be needed. We will do what it takes to make your lawn look great because we take pride in the quality of our work.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide one time services. We have large number of properties we service each week, and this requires us to keep to a strict daily schedule. Due to this, we require a minimum of four consecutive mowing visits to begin service. We do not require you to sign a yearly contract, so signing up for four service visits is a great option if you are only looking for short term lawn service.

The actual weekday we will service your property is dependent on our route, and which neighborhoods we are mowing in on certain days. Your lawn will be mowed on the same day each week, however the time of service may vary. You do not need to be home for us to service your property. We avoid mowing on holidays and weekends if at all possible, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

We do mow in light rain, as we try to keep on schedule as much as possible. You will not see our crew however if the lawn is too wet to service without damaging the turf. If you have one section of lawn that drains poorly, we may service everything else and just skip that portion of the lawn. We make every attempt to service as soon as possible after weather delays, and get you back on your weekly schedule.

We recommend watering twice a week in the spring time, increasing the frequency to 3-4 times per week during summer, then back to twice weekly in the fall. Obviously decrease watering if we have significant rainfall, and increase if there is a drought period. Watering during the early morning is best, and 20-30 minutes per zone is usually sufficient. Please do not water your lawn at least 24hrs before your weekly service visit.

We must ask that you please keep all animals and children inside when we are servicing your property. The mowers and string trimmers can discharge objects at very high speeds, and we do not want your animals or children to get hurt. We also ask that you keep dog and kids toys cleared from mowing areas. We will make every attempt to pick up what we can see, but we can not be responsible for damage to objects left in the lawn.


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We’re the professionals behind many of the best residential and commercial landscaping projects in Hampton Roads over the past 10 years. Our experienced and knowledgeable design team is ready to help you realize the vision you have for your property.

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